corporate social responsibility

The Trans Global Projects Group has established a corporate social responsibility program that maintains the highest standards in areas including quality and training, anti-corruption measures, fair competition, health and safety, security and human rights and the environment.

The Group has published CSR values ​​and aligns its integrated management system with this vision. Please feel invited to contact us for more information.

quality and training

To ensure we deliver the highest level of service, we have integrated strict management controls into all activities. A continuous system of evaluation, training and motivation gives employees responsibility for the improvement of standards. This uncompromising approach assures customers that they have come to expect from our Group.

The Group has maintained continuous certification to the ISO 9001 standard for many years. The Group now successfully applies ISO 9001: 2015. In addition, we have implemented a management system that integrates tightly with operational procedures, client ways of working and HSE & S systems to meet the highest quality standards.

The Group is proud of its Integrated Management System.

compliance and code of conduct

Through the implementation of robust, standardized programs with a global reach.

An ethical business policy. A strict anti-bribery policy, backed by implementation programs, is in place for every employee and supplier – corruption has no place in any project.

TRACE certification, a comprehensive due diligence review and approval process administered by TRACE, the world’s leading anti-bribery standard setting organization.

Our TRACE ID is available on request for verification of our due diligence report.

The Group manages cross-border freight with full compliance to national and international customs formalities. We have received full Authorized Economic Operator (AEO) certificates in the United Kingdom and Switzerland.

health, safety, environment and security

A safe and healthy workforce is vital for projects that span continents and commitment to HSE & S forms an integral part of Trans Global Projects’ corporate philosophy.

The Group seeks to provide a safe and healthy workplace that protects employees, clients, suppliers and communities from security threats arising from worldwide operations, with the HSE&S systems developed in accordance with the accreditation to OHSAS 18001:2007 and ISO 14001:2015.

The Group is proud of its integrated management system, of which HSE&S is a key part, and will happily share relevant extracts of the system with interested parties to illustrate its approach.

human rights

The Group is committed to the fair and equal treatment of all its employees and abides by the respective employment laws of the countries in which it operates.

Employees and candidates for employment shall be judged on the basis of their behaviour and qualifications to carry out their job without regard to race, gender, religion, sexual orientation, disability, age, marital status or political belief or any other aspect protected by law.

TGP will under no circumstances tolerate discrimination. This includes sexual, physical and verbal harassment or other demeaning behaviour against any individual or group of people. We do not tolerate violence or threats of violence.

fair labour

Trans Global Projects strives to conduct business in a responsible and upright manner and is committed to good and fair labour conditions for its own operations and supply chain.

The Group refrains from practices that can give rise to risks of forced or involuntarily labour, human trafficking or other practices that can be defined as modern slavery or child labour. TGP has assessed itself to be at very low risk of engaging individuals under modern slavery or child labour and is committed to eliminating it entirely from the industry.

As part of its initiative to identify and mitigate risk, TGP undertakes a regular review of all suppliers and uses a rigorous selection approval system to assess the capability and sustainability of potential individual suppliers.


The Group embraces a principle of sustainable development in all activities for the protection of future generations and to ensure a positive legacy is left in all communities encountered.

For example, Natco operates as a climate neutral company and offers to carry out “climate neutral logistics”. This includes climate protection, CO2- accounting, reduction and compensation. Together with Swiss consulting firm ClimatePartner, Natco has developed a transparent and sound concept to guarantee customers a simple and easy implementation.

Offsetting your carbon dioxide emissions with Natco is simple:

  • Natco carries out your transport as usual.
  • Calculation of total emissions for the respective shipment.
  • Emissions are offset by compensatory projects.
  • A certificated label serves as proof of climate compensation.

You benefit in various ways from the CO2 compensation:

  • Increased differentiation: You will raise your company’s profile as a climate-conscious company and subsequently increase revenues.
  • Committing to climate protection: With climate-neutral transport, you want to contribute to achieving your own climate protection goals.
  • Advantages of a comprehensive service: Natco offers you a transparent and proven method to compensate CO2 emissions caused by transport activities.

All ID numbers are traceable and allow for a comprehensive communication.

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