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Natco’s international project management and transport expertise helps clients in the renewables industry to solve their unique logistical challenges, bringing project deadlines forward and contributing to reducing the cost per megawatt.

The goal of any renewables project is to produce competitively priced energy, but developers seeking the highest return on investment often have to overcome significant barriers and obstacles. Logistical issues such as remote job site locations, oversized, heavy components that push the limits of road transport and tight project timelines are frequently encountered. This is where our project logistics expertise comes into play.

Building on our experience in the wider power sector, we use our logistics know-how to efficiently move heavy equipment across challenging terrains and international borders. Throughout each and every project, our team of experts works to optimise schedules, reduce costs and deliver an unbroken logistics chain. Above all, we deliver our services with the highest safety and environmental protection standards in mind.

The result? Renewable energy systems that begin generating clean power for the electric grid, and revenues for operators’ bottom lines, as quickly as possible.