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With a long history of working alongside customers in the power sector, Natco is ideally positioned to optimise project logistics, helping increase clients’ uptime while maintaining safety.

As power facilities increase in capacity, their components become larger and heavier to cope with demand. While power-generating companies often focus their project planning on construction, how these oversized, heavy items reach the site is crucial to meeting project deadlines. High-value equipment such as generators, transformers and turbines present unique and complex logistical challenges. This is particularly true in regions where roads, railways and waterways are not designed to accommodate out-of-gauge and heavy loads.

Natco has been involved in logistics planning for the energy sector for many decades. This means we have the experience and the know-how to effectively manage all the challenges presented in the transport of power plant equipment. In addition to our experience, we’ve also built up an arsenal of ideas and approaches that allow us to innovate with each new challenge.

Today, our clients in the power sector include power generating companies, power distribution companies, EPC contractors and original equipment manufacturers, among others. By choosing Natco as your end-to-end project logistics partner, you receive an all-encompassing approach, ensuring your equipment arrives on time and within budget.