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offshore oil & gas

Offshore supply by air, land and sea

One of the largest offshore oil companies in the world called on the Trans Global Projects Group to deliver extensive logistics solutions for the delivery of 21,216 m of mechanically lined subsea pipe from Batam, Indonesia, to Lagos, Nigeria.

The challenge: Passing across borders and preparing for the unknown

To meet our client’s urgent delivery deadline, the line pipe needed to be sent partially by sea and partially by air, but each of these transport methods presented their own set of challenges.

Due to airport restrictions in Batam, the cargo first needed to be moved across the border to an airport in Malaysia before it could be flown to Nigeria. Moving cargo across borders requires customs clearance, and with the delivery’s tight schedule, there was no room for delays. To further complicate matters, the final weight of the air cargo could not be known until the point of test/release, making it difficult to prearrange a suitable aircraft.

For the cargo sent by sea, we identified and chartered the right kind of vessel to carry the shipment through the Straits of Malacca and across the Indian Ocean.

To meet the challenge of this complex shipment, our client needed the complete package: flawless project planning, different modes of transport, competent customs clearance and top-of-the-line logistics services.

It was just the sort of challenge we’re built to handle.

Our solution: Boots on the ground

To oversee operations and ensure proper preparation of the shipment, we sent some of our key operations staff to Batam for the entire duration of the job.

Throughout the project, proactive planning and logistics expertise were the name of the game. We anticipated what could happen and made contingency plans. We were physically present at every loading and unloading point. And we made every move count.

In total, the forwarding of the line pipe required five aircraft and six sea charters, as well as regular truck shipments and ferry rides from Batam to the airport Johor Bahru, Malaysia. By the time of the project’s completion, over 7.9 million kg of line pipe had been prepared and loaded on the aircraft and sea vessels.

The results: Right on time, right on budget

Thanks to our hardworking operations team, the logistics’ coordination from origin to destination was executed successfully. Each task was performed according to the agreed schedule, and there were no delays with customs formalities. In the end, the line pipe was delivered within budget and right on time, much to the delight of our client.

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