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Logistics in the pipeline

How do you move over 11,000 fragile joints of pipe from Thisvi, Greece, to Skikda, Algeria, without any damage? This particular challenge was presented to the Trans Global Projects Group by a leading manufacturer of oilfield equipment.

The challenge: Handling a delicate situation

Our client required the effective and efficient delivery of 11,445 polyethylene-coated carbon steel pipes for an onshore pipeline restoration project in Algeria.

To successfully move the joints from their point of origin to their destination, our client needed a reliable project logistics management provider who was not only experienced in pipe handling, but also equipped to manage value-added services, such as customs brokerage. We were prepared for the challenge.

Our solution: One team, one dream

Throughout the project, we set ourselves up as an extension of our client’s team. No job was off limits, and we made sure every task related to the pipes’ successful delivery was completed to perfection.

In total, four shipments of carbon steel pipes were sent as ocean freight from Greece to Algeria. Our personnel were asked to ensure that the surface of the pipes did not get scratched or cracked during transport, and as a result, the loading and off-loading process of every shipment was incredibly precise.

Despite a short sea passage of only three to four days, we successfully coordinated with our team to guarantee the efficiency of every shipment’s documentary process so the cargo could be released in a timely manner.

Overall, we managed the loading, transportation, customs brokerage and discharging of over 53,000 mt of the line pipe.

The results: A delivery without a scratch

In the end, all four shipments arrived on schedule, without any significant damage. Our long-standing client was pleased with the results, and we were able to showcase once again the excellence and experience that have been part of our company’s fibre for over 30 years.

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