Trans Global Projects delivers giant oil derrick to Caspian Sea

For an offshore oil and gas project, the Trans Global Projects Group (TGP) has successfully delivered an oversized oil derrick to the Caspian region. For this challenging shipment, the international project logistics management company completed a double banking operation and overcame low clearance points in Russian inland waterways. 

Contracted by a leading worldwide provider of equipment and components used by the oil and gas industry, TGP was in charge of transporting the oil derrick from Constanta, Romania, to the Caspian Sea. 

Prior to arriving in Constanta, Romania, the derrick was dismantled into three sections and sent via heavy lift vessel. The largest section of the derrick measured almost 13 metres in height, and the combined total weight of the sections was over 270 metric tonnes. For TGP, the first phase of work involved loading the cargo from the vessel onto a barge via means of a double banking operation. To ensure a smooth transhipment and avoid detentions of the heavy lift vessel, TGP’s project managers planned the double banking operation several months prior to execution. As a result of this careful coordination, transloading was completed in one day.  

After loading, the barge set off on its almost 3,000-kilometre journey in early September. The route involved traveling through Russian inland waterways, which presented infrastructural obstacles, such as low bridges and high voltage cables. The largest section of the derrick was just below the limit of what the waterway could handle, making the transportation process extremely challenging. Aware of the complexities the passage presented, TGP developed a detailed route plan to avoid any potential obstructions. 

The barge safely arrived at its final destination, and discharge was completed without incident. 

“To deliver this very large oil derrick, the TGP team had to work with millimetric precision,” shared Colin Charnock, Group CEO. “Planning for this shipment began in early May, and we did not leave any stone unturned when preparing the most efficient, cost-effective transport solution for this oversized cargo. Thanks to our team’s diligent efforts and smart engineering, this project was a big success for our Group and more importantly, for our valued client.”

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