TGP renames NPT Brasil to TGP Brasil

Trans Global Projects Group (TGP) today announced that transport and logistics provider NPT Brasil (NPT), which has been part of the TGP Group since 2018, will be renamed to match the parent brand TGP. Under the terms of the agreement, which has been unanimously approved by both companies’ Board of Directors, NPT will take on the TGP corporate name and acts as TGP Brasil Projetos & Transportes Internacionais LTDA, effective 1 May 2021. Its headquarters will remain in Sao Paolo, Brazil. 

As part of this decision, all of NPT’s business operations will be conducted under the TGP brand identity. Customers, however, will experience no change in standard service offerings or contract conditions. According to the terms of the agreement, the TGP Group structure will remain the same, and the offices in Sao Paolo and Rio de Janeiro will continue to serve as experts for forwarding and project cargo. 

This step comes as part of the Group’s efforts to streamline commercial activities and strengthen its global presence. The complimentary nature of the two companies’ service portfolios presents substantial opportunities for synergies, which is expected to provide additional value to customers in the future.  

“By bringing NPT into the TGP brand, we are creating a strong platform for further global growth,” says Joerg Roehl, TGP’s CEO Europe and South America. “This brand merger means increased scale and relevance. NPT has been part of our Group for three years, and we have the utmost respect for the company and its employees. We look forward to working together even more closely as we integrate.”  

“We are excited about the additional opportunities this brand merger will create,” notes Marco Bregoli, Managing Director, NPT. “As TGP, we expect to further contribute to the Group’s global service portfolio while still delivering the same local support our clients have come to expect.”  

Bregoli will remain Managing Director of TGP’s Brazilian division. In addition, the global Executive Board of Trans Global Projects will remain the same. 

In line with the renaming process, the website has moved to, which features a Brazilian Portuguese language version. The general email address is now