TGP delivers pink modules to the red continent

Over 60,000 freight tonnes of pink cargo – it’s quite a sight and not one heavy lift specialists are used to encountering. But the Trans Global Projects Group (TGP) welcomed the chance to recently deliver the uniquely coloured shipment to a mining site in Western Australia.

Contracted by a global manufacturer of modular machinery and equipment, TGP headed up project logistics management to deliver 62 modules – all painted in a bright pink hue – to a mining site near Newman, Australia. As a committed supporter of breast cancer awareness, the mine owner encourages its suppliers to paint their equipment pink, and these modules were no exception. 

TGP chartered three ocean vessels to carry the modules from Dalian, China, to Port Headland, Australia. After discharging the cargo in Port Hedland, TGP then carried the modules 400 km to the mining site. 

Although the cargo measured up to 15 m in width, the only available route to the mining site was a single lane highway, which made carrying the oversized load the necessary 400 km extremely challenging. Aware of the complexities the road presented, the TGP team developed a detailed traffic management plan with local road authorities in Australia. In total, the modules moved weighed 68,000 freight tonnes – with the heaviest lift being 211 mt. 

Prior to being sent, the modules underwent a multifaceted decontamination process in order to adhere to Australia’s strict biosecurity requirements. To ensure a timely delivery, extensive route surveys, customs documentations and adherence to strict on-site requirements were crucial. TGP drew up a staging plan with local port authorities, liaised closely with customs offices and carried out an extensive lift engineering review. 

“Through expert planning, innovative engineering and careful coordination, our team was able to successfully deliver these modules, despite the particularly challenging conditions,” says Colin Charnock, TGP’s CEO. “We are very proud to have helped our client support such an important cause with the delivery of these pink modules. Thanks to the diligent and tireless efforts of our team, these modules will now help the mine further demonstrate its commitment to breast cancer prevention, diagnosis, treatment and survival.”

The executive chairman of the mine began employing pink mining equipment in 2016, when the entire truck fleet at the iron ore mine was painted pink. Since then, many other equipment pieces have been dipped in the bright hue, and after successfully delivering the mine’s new modules, the TGP team celebrated the project’s success amidst the mining site’s pink parade.