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Transport Insurance

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Transport Insurance

We are all part of the global market economy. With production and end-users often located far apart, goods must often be shipped long distances. The risks your goods are exposed to during carriage can be incalculable and difficult to anticipate.

Improper handling, loss or damage can result in liability claims that are difficult to gauge in advance. Our specialists deal with these problems every day and we are here to help make sure you are covered by an insurance solution that is tailored specifically to your needs.

Together with our insurance partners, we can offer solutions to avoid unpleasent surprises.

  • «If only 0.1% of the containers handled in Rotterdam were damaged, that would equate to 130,000 goods being damaged every year.»
  • «If only 0.1% of the containers handled in Rotterdam were not loaded properly, that would result in 20 trucks being crushed every day.»

You can count on our professional competence, technical know-how and experience in both national and international insurance matters - from analysing the risks to devising the best transport solution to monitoring the loading and unloading operations.

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Andreas Bertenghi

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