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Customer solutions

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Advanced Customer Solutions

Our strength is in providing individual solutions that precisely meet your specific needs, giving you a competitive advantage.

NATCO provides «advanced customer solutions» for small and medium-sized companies as well as for globally operating conglomerates.

It is a fact that:

  • An increasing number of customers are outsourcing activities which are not part of their core business
  • In a market full of standard freight and logistics solutions the request for tailor-made solutions is growing steadily
  • In our society, for many businesses the growth of quality has not kept pace with the growth of quantity
  • Individuality and flexibility are often sacrificed for the benefit of lower prices

NATCO focusses on customers who need an individual, high-level performance and who expect us to close this gap between quality and quantity.

Our solutions include dynamic collaboration in dedicated spaces, such as shared facilities, joint in-house solutions, service agreements, sharing of infrastructure and resources.

Please don't hesitate to contact us. If you're looking for unusual solutions we’re here to help.

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Wolfgang Rüde

Wolfgang Rüde
Managing Director Turgi Office

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