CO₂ Compensation within the Logistics Services

The programme „climate-neutral logistics“

With the offer "Climate-neutral Logistics", NATCO AG provides a comprehensive solution which combines climate protection, CO₂- accounting, reduction and compensation in one program.

NATCO AG with the support of ClimatePartner’s experts has developed a transparent and robust concept, which customers can take advantage of and which guarantees a simple and easy implementation.

Four simple steps for the successful CO2-compensation with NATCO AG

  1. Execution of your transportation contract with NATCO AG as usual.
  2. Calculation of total emissions for the job or of accumulated across all jobs
  3. Emissions are offset by compensatory projects.
  4. A certificated label serves as proof of climate compensation.

Starting is easy

Customers of NATCO AG profit in various ways from the CO2 compensation:

  • Increased differentiation: As a climate-conscious company you will be able to increase your revenues and to improve your image through the relevant marketing.
  • Emphasising on the commitment to climate protection: With climate-neutral transport you will be contributing to achieving your own climate protection targets.
  • Advantages of a complete service: NATCO AG offers you a transparent and proven method to compensate the CO₂ emissions caused by the transport activities. All ID numbers are traceable and allow for a comprehensive communication.

Example AN 225

The transport was carried out, the emissions calculated and compensated via Climate Partner.

Certificate ClimatePartner compensation AN 225

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