Olympic Summer Games Rio 2016

Olympic Summer Games Rio 2016

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How the Swiss Television (SRG) receives the transmission equipment

The Swiss television (SRG) needs its broadcasting equipment in time for the Olympic summer games in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. The equipment is highly sensitive and very valuable - therefore appropriate packaging and the choice of the right partner are key factors for this task. The close coordination with the armed security company at the destination is an additional challenge. In order for everything to work out perfectly in August 2016, the planning begins about one year earlier. In reality things always turn out differently from the plan, since individual items are still needed for a different event, or have to be shipped from a different location. But only detailed planning allows for effective improvisation. Ultimately several tons of material are gathered, packaged, shipped, unloaded and distributed under the strictest security supervision and arrive undamaged and at the right time at the two studio locations. As a result the Swiss television viewers can - despite stormy weather episodes in Ipanema - enjoy perfect pictures of the Olympic summer games at any time of the day or night.


  • Transport route lake: EXW in CH, via truck from Basel to Rheinhafen, via barge to Antwerpen, then ocean-going ship to Rio de Janeiro, and via truck to DDP Studios in Rio
  • Challenge: highly sensitive technical equipment, coordination with armed security company because of the high risk of theft, complex handling of customs in target country
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