Desert to savannah

Desert to savannah

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From the desert to the savannah

A new home for brick production equipment

Manufacturer Intercem, required the transportation of a brick production facility from one of the Emirates to western Africa. Following the cancellation of a cement mill development, the uninstalled equipment – both packed and unpacked – had been left to stand in a sunny, sandy environment for five years.

Prior to transportation, the equipment needed to be inspected and all packaging improved or arranged as new where necessary. This would normally be an easy task, but the site was abandoned and no manpower or equipment was available nearby. NATCO transported both the people and equipment Intercem required to the site to facilitate inspection. The goods (in total 630t) were then packed, and transport to the harbour began one month later.

A charter ship took the heavy loads weighing 150t and 80t, while the rest of the equipment was transported by container ship. All was then handed over to the buyer at port of arrival – the brick production facility now has a new home in Africa.

loading containership
cement mill in desert
cement mill in desert
palettes in desert
Transport cement mill from desert to Savannah


  • Technical Data: total 630 tons, 1005 m³ in 46 crates, 40 containers and 2 heavy lifts (16.2x4.8x4,9/150t and 6.8x4x3.5/81t)
  • Route: EXW site in UAE to FAS destination harbour in Africa
  • Challenge: condition of the equipment, desertion of site without infrastructure (abandoned construction), consolidation/packing of equipment
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